If there's a home out there: we'll find it for you.

Many buyers heading to our region have clear thoughts about the type of property they want to buy. For many, a thatched cottage in a bucolic village location with a cricket green and a duck pond is an image of England past which many wish to replicate.

In reality, Exmoor and West Somerset have some of the most varied housing stock and in some of England's most diverse environments. From contemporary apartments on Minehead's seafront, to idyllic cottages in medieval villages - our little corner of England really does have it all.

In the last five years, many properties simply never reach the market, with the local area grapevine acting as it's own little Rightmove! Being local and on the ground makes a huge difference when looking for a property in the area - and that's where we come in.

Our Home Locator service is similar to Channel 4's 'Phil and Kirsty' - you tell us what you want, and we'll work with our network of vendors, potential sellers and other agents to find you the ideal property. For a one-off fee, we'll work on a long term basis to shortlist a selection of possible properties for viewing.

Whilst celebrity home finding appears a glamorous experience, in reality the search is often painstaking and long winded. The more exacting the criteria, the trickier the search will be. We pride ourselves on knowing the 'nooks and crannies' of Exmoor and West Somerset - you'll be surprised at what we may find for you!

To get the ball rolling, why not drop us a line or give us a call: welcome@exmoorhomes.co.uk