It's All Change at Exmoor Homes.

A little bit about our plans for our business.

During May and June 2019, we polled around 500 people in the local area to ask them to consider their needs from a modern Estate Agency in Exmoor and West Somerset to understand whether their answers differed to the polling we undertook prior to opening our (virtual) doors in March of this year. We also asked the same questions to potential clients who had received valuations from ourselves and either not listed or instructed other agents to sell their homes.

Whilst without doubt, we proudly offered a great service to our prospective clients, Exmoor Homes has not captured the imagination of sufficient clients to make the existing business model work sufficiently well. These were the key findings of the surveys undertaken and for our generic poll, the answers we received in a larger poll during 2018.

Generic Poll Results - Expectations of a modern Estate Agent

  1. Presence on Rightmove and On the Market. (94%) (Previously 54%)
  2. Presence on the High Street. (77%) (Previously 11%)
  3. Presence on Google, Social Media and other digital outlets. (69%) (Previously 8%)
  4. Presence in newspapers and print media. (31%) (Previously 19%)
  5. Seven day opening. (27%) (Previously 2%)

Prospective Client  - Why not instructed Exmoor Homes to sell property?

  1. Lack of physical office. (90%)
  2. Not ready to instruct any agent at present. (41%)
  3. Lack of Rightmove presence. (40%)
  4. Lower valuation than expected. (31%)
  5. Upfront fees (20%)
  6. Not in newspaper or magazine. (7%)

The Exmoor Homes business model is built around a low-cost, upfront fees model therefore we will revisit our business plan during 2020 to understand if investment in High Street premises and Rightmove marketing will still allow us to offer great value and world-class service. In the meantime, we will slightly adjust our focus to bring your Exmoor Homes for Holidays.

If you are a Holiday Home or Bed and Breakfast owner, we invite you to find out more.